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Asia, Tibet, Shisha Pangma Central from the North, Post-Monsoon

Shisha Pangma Central from the North, Post-Monsoon. Several Spanish groups under the overall leadership of Toni Vives, but acting more or less independently, climbed Shisha Pangma Central by the normal route. On September 27, Magda Nos climbed to the central summit with Ang Phuri Sherpa. Later that day, Rafael Fuentes, Toni Bericat and Saila Tamang got there, followed at a very late hour by Vives with two women, Amparo Ortega and Inmaculada Fernandez. That same day, Nepalese Iman Gurung left Camp III at 7600 meters, climbed to the summit in only three hours and descended to Base Camp. From there he hurried by truck to Everest, hoping to make the speed record on the world’s highest peak. He did not succeed in his second goal.