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Asia, Tibet, Cho Oyu Post-Monsoon Ascents and Attempt from the North

Cho Oyu, Post-Monsoon Ascents and Attempt from the North. There were four successful expeditions that climbed Cho Oyu (8201 meters, 26,904 feet) by the normal west-face route. Eight Koreans led by Kim Kwan-Jun put Koreans Nam Sun- Woo, Kim Young-Tae and Sherpas Mingma Nuru and Nima Dorje on the summit on September 20. They continued on to Shisha Pangma and put same two climbers on the summit on October 2. A large expedition of 14 Japanese and a North Korean was led by Hideki Yatsuhashi. On September 20, Akira Hayasi- moto, Mamoru Taniguchi, Sigeto Tsukamoto, Kazuyoshi Kondo, Hiroyuki Baba, Takao Suzuki, North Korean An Yong-Jong and Sherpas Nima and Mingma Tenzing reached the summit, followed on September 21 by leader Yatsuhashi, Ken Kanazawa, Yuki Sato, Tanehiko Yanagihara, Sigeto Kimoto and Sherpas Ang Phurba and Dawa Noru. From an Italian expedition of eight led by Giovanni Santambrogio, Fausto Airoldi and Paolo Gugliermina got to the top on September 10. On September 21, Slovenes Franc Urh, leader, his son Matija Urh, Aleš Cvahte, Štefan Lagoja and Marjan Gregorcic climbed to the summit. Six Frenchmen, led by Laurent Davenas, reached a high point of 7400 meters on October 3.

Elizabeth Hawley