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Asia, Tibet, Everest, Post-Monsoon Attempts from the North

Everest, Post-Monsoon Attempts from the North. None of the expeditions that attempted Everest via the North Col in the post-monsoon was successful. Six Italians and four Swiss, led by Aldo Verzaroli, got to 7600 meters on September 30. From an expedition of thirteen Lithuanians, a Latvian and an American, led by Lithuanian-American Alex Bertulis, climbers stayed at Camp V at 7800 meters a number of times and reached 8000 meters on October 2. The weather was too ferocious to go higher. Three Taiwanese, under the leadership of Gau Ming-Ho, had to turn back at 8200 meters on October 10. Nor were those attempting the north face to the north ridge more successful. Twelve Italians, led by Augusto Zanotti, climbed to 7600 meters on September 17. American leader Douglas Hansen left Base Camp soon after arriving. Stanton Smith reached a high point of 7600 meters in the Great Couloir on September 30.

Elizabeth Hawley