Asia, Southeastern China, Xao Xuebao Ding, 1991

Publication Year: 1993.

Xao Xuebao Ding, 1991. On page 270 of AAJ, 1992, we reported on the first ascent of Xuebao Ding in Sichuan but failed to record the ascent by another Japanese expedition of Xao Xuebao Ding (5540 meters, 18,176 feet), which lies just to the southeast. The 12-member expedition climbed the southwest face. On July 30, 1991, leader Kazuo Yamagishi, Ken Wakamatsu, Itsuku Wagatsuma, Kiyo Yamagushi (f), Yasuyuki Yamafuji, Akio Tamai and Tomako Kawamura (f) reached the summit.