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Asia, Southeastern China, Roh-Weht Attempt, Konka Lehsumgongba Range, Sichuan

Roh-Weht Attempt, Konka Lehsumgongba Range, Sichuan. On May 6, Steve Thomson and I came within three rope-lengths of the summit of Roh-Weht (5464 meters, 17,927 feet) in the Konka Lehsumgangba Range in Dao Chun County, Sichuan. Our attempt by the northwest face failed due to a late start and bad weather. This mountain was called Tuparu by Dr. Joseph Rock in his July 1931 National Geographic article on the range (“Konka Risumgongba, Holy Mountain of the Outlaws”). We believe this to be the first attempted ascent from the Duron valley, which is in the heart of these mountains.

R. Dabney Eastham