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Asia, Pakistan, Yazghil Dome South Attempt and Tragedy

Yazghil Dome South Attempt and Tragedy. The members of our expedition were Takeshi Hamamoto, Hiroshi Komura, Fumitake Nakamura, Kazuhiko Yagisawa and I as leader. We started our trek from Huro, beyond Nagar, on July 29 and took five days to reach Base Camp at 4350 meters on a side moraine of the Kunyan Glacier. We placed Advance Base and Camp I at 4500 and 5100 meters on the Kunyan Glacier on August 5 and 8. Between Advance Base and Camp I, the glacier was badly crevassed. On August 15, we established Camp II at 5900 meters near the head of the Kunyan Glacier. We waited out bad weather in Base Camp and began again on August 19. On the 20th, Yagisawa was killed by falling into a crevasse near Camp II. We abandoned the attempt.

Masahide Matsumoto, Denkidaigaku, Tokyo