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Asia, Pakistan, Trango Nameless Tower Spanish Attempts

Trango Nameless Tower Spanish Attempts. Spaniards very nearly made ascents of the Nameless Tower but could not quite reach the summit. They fixed 750 meters of rope on the lower part of the Kurtyka-Loretan route for seven days. On July 7, José Chaverri, Lorenzo Ortiz and Santiago Palacios made their final attempt, which ended ten meters below the summit because of perpendicular unconsolidated snow. Chaverri then joined Basques Kike de Pablos and Jon Lazkano on the Slovene Route, where they had already fixed half the route. On July 19, Chaverri and de Pablos were overtaken by nightfall when they were not far from the summit, but they gave up and rappelled off in the dark.