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Asia, India—Himachal Pradesh, M-10 Ascent and Mulkila and M-5 Attempts

M-10 Ascent and Mulkila and M-5 Attempts. A team from Bombay led by Dhiren Pania climbed M-10 (5730 meters, 18,800 feet), which rises above the Milang Glacier. Vinit Rao and Tikam Ram Thakur reached the summit on September 1. Nandu Joshi and Arti Shah had to turn back 150 meters from the top. The team had earlier attempted Mulkila (M-4) and M-5 (6517 and 6370 meters, 21,380 and 20,900 feet). Both attempts were given up at about 5800 meters due to crevasses and cornices.

Harish Kapadia, Editor, Himalayan Journal