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Asia, Nepal, Dhaulagiri, Post-Monsoon Northeast Ridge Attempts

Dhaulagiri, Post-Monsoon Northeast Ridge Attempts. There were five expeditions that attempted to climb the normal northeast ridge of Dhaulagiri, but none succeeded. They were 5 Frenchmen led by Daniel Bianchi (high point: 7500 meters on September 28), 7 Spaniards led by Jorge Egocheaga (high point: 8000 meters on October 3), 2 Japanese led by Ichita Ono (high point: 7000 meters on October 3), 4 Spaniards led by Jon Lazkano (high point: 6000 meters on October 3) and 8 Italians led by Dino Favretto (high point: 6800 meters on October 9).

Elizabeth Hawley