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Asia, Nepal, Cho Oyu from the South in the Pre-Monsoon Season

Cho Oyu from the South in the Pre-Monsoon Season. As in past years, the west side of Cho Oyu has been a very popular objective for many expeditions. A Belgian expedition was led by Bernard Mousny. On May 7, Pascal de Brouwer completed the 100th ascent of the peak along with Swede Göran Kropp, who was with an expedition approaching from the north. On May 8, Mme Linda LeBon and Danu Sherpa also reached the top with climbers who had approached from the north. On the descent, Danu sped ahead, leaving exhausted Linda LeBon far behind. She decided to sleep without bivouac gear at 8000 meters and set off a night-rescue alarm. An expedition of eight Germans and seven Austrians led by Peter Geyer placed Teja Finkbeiner on the top on May 17. An eight-member American expedition led by Donald McIntyre failed, reaching 6100 meters on April 17. (See also expeditions to Cho Oyu from Tibet.)

Elizabeth Hawley