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Asia, Nepal, Ama Dablam Winter Ascents

Ama Dablam Winter Ascents. Five expeditions climbed Ama Dablam by its normal southwest ridge in the last month of 1992. Five Swiss were under the leadership of Franco Dellatorre, who reached the summit alone on December 1. Five Belgians and a Swiss led by Alain Hubert completed the 113th ascent of the peak on December 3, when Belgians Hubert, Didier Goetghebuer, Swiss Jacques Richon and Mana Ram Tamang got to the top. The summit was reached by Japanese Hiroshi Aota on December 6, leader Yoshiki Sasahara and Toshio Ono on December 7 and Yasushi Yamanoi also on the 7th, but the latter had climbed to the southwest ridge via the west face. Seven South Koreans were led by Cha Jae-Woo. On December 7, Kim Wi-Yeoung with Sherpas Sonam Tschering and Ang Dawa climbed to the summit, followed on the 9th by Kee Su-Young. Another South Korean group of nine was under the leadership of Chun Byung-Tai. On December 7, Chun, Sim Jung-Shup, Kim Jin-Yong and Dawa Sherpa completed the ascent, followed on December 11 by Jeon Woo- Song, Jeong Duk-Ki, Shim Sung-Bo and again Dawa.

Elizabeth Hawley