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South America, Argentine—Chilean Patagonia, Cerro Cervantes, Second Ascent, 1991

Cerro Cervantes, Second Ascent, 1991. Our expedition was composed of Eduard and Ina Koch, Ferdinand Hujer, Kunibert Ochsenfeld, Christine Wieloch and us two. On November 29, 1991, from El Calafate and the Buscaini Camp, the Kochs, Hujer, Ochsenfeld and Wieloch climbed Cerro Cervantes (2383 meters, 7819 feet) from the northwest. Meanwhile, we two ascended a 1350-meter pass, north of Cervantes. From Calafate, we went by bus to Puerto Natales in Chile. On December 8, 1991, those who had climbed Cervantes made the first ascent of Punta Chocolate (1700 meters, 5677 feet), a rock peak north of Punzón in the central part of the Cordón Barros Arana. We other two, joined by American Steven Hayward, ascended the Ascensio valley. We made the second ascent of a 1750-meter-high peak east of the Ascencio Pass on December 20, 1991. Italians had climbed it on December 20, 1987 and named it Cerro Edoardo. We have suggested to the authorities that it be renamed Cerro Josef Koch, after an Austrian Andean pioneer of the 1930s.

Günther Jüllich and Wilfred Siegel, Deutscher Alpenverein