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South America, Argentine—Chilean Patagonia, New Altitudes in the Chaltèn (Fitz Roy) Area

New Altitudes in the Chaltén (Fitz Roy) Area. The maps of the Instituto Geográfico Militar Argentino which were published last year now allow a more exact determination of altitudes in this region. An Argentine publisher, Zaguier and Urruty, has come out with a map in color with a scale 1:50,000 made from the IGM maps. This map is bilingual in Spanish and English. Altitudes from north to south are Gorra Blanca (3907m); Marconi (2210m); Cerro Dumbo (2484m); Cerro Loma Blanca (2218m); Gran Gendarme (2255m); Aguja Pol- lone (2313m); Pollone (2579m); Cerro Eléctrico (2257m); Pier Giorgio (2719m); Aguja Guillaumet (2579m); Aguja Mermoz (2732m); Cerro Rincón (2465m); Domo Blanco (2507m); Aguja Val de Viois, 2653m; Chaltén (Fitz Roy; 3405m); Aguja de la Silla (2938m); Aguja Cuatro Dedos (2281m); Aguja Bifida (2394m); Cerro Stanhardt (2730m); Torre Egger (2673m); Cerro Mocho (1953m); Cerro Torre (3102m); Poincenot (3002m); Aguja Rafael (2482m); Aguja Saint Exupéry (2558m); Aguja de la S (2335m); Cerro Mojón Rojo (2163m); Cerro Techado Negro (2152m); Cerro Adela Norte (2825m); Cerro Adela (2938m); Cerro Adela Sur (2840m), Cerro Nato (2797m); Cerro Doblado (2665m).

Marcelo Scanu, Grupo de Montaña Huamán, Buenos Aires