American Alpine Jounrna and Accidents in North American Climbing

South America, Argentine—Chilean Patagonia, New Altitudes in the Chaltèn (Fitz Roy) Area

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  • Publication Year: 1993

New Altitudes in the Chaltén (Fitz Roy) Area. The maps of the Instituto Geográfico Militar Argentino which were published last year now allow a more exact determination of altitudes in this region. An Argentine publisher, Zaguier and Urruty, has come out with a map in color with a scale 1:50,000 made from the IGM maps. This map is bilingual in Spanish and English. Altitudes from north to south are Gorra Blanca (3907m); Marconi (2210m); Cerro Dumbo (2484m); Cerro Loma Blanca (2218m); Gran Gendarme (2255m); Aguja Pol- lone (2313m); Pollone (2579m); Cerro Eléctrico (2257m); Pier Giorgio (2719m); Aguja Guillaumet (2579m); Aguja Mermoz (2732m); Cerro Rincón (2465m); Domo Blanco (2507m); Aguja Val de Viois, 2653m; Chaltén (Fitz Roy; 3405m); Aguja de la Silla (2938m); Aguja Cuatro Dedos (2281m); Aguja Bifida (2394m); Cerro Stanhardt (2730m); Torre Egger (2673m); Cerro Mocho (1953m); Cerro Torre (3102m); Poincenot (3002m); Aguja Rafael (2482m); Aguja Saint Exupéry (2558m); Aguja de la S (2335m); Cerro Mojón Rojo (2163m); Cerro Techado Negro (2152m); Cerro Adela Norte (2825m); Cerro Adela (2938m); Cerro Adela Sur (2840m), Cerro Nato (2797m); Cerro Doblado (2665m).

Marcelo Scanu, Grupo de Montaña Huamán, Buenos Aires

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