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South America, Chile—Central Andes, Torre San Andrès, Torres del Brujo Range, 1991

Torre San Andrés, Torres del Brujo Range, 1991. Chileans Waldo Farías and Christián Heitmann climbed the spectacular Torre San Andrés (3050 meters, 10,007 feet) in the first half of February of 1991, reaching the summit on February 10. The granite spire lies west of Cerro Palomo. From the Río Tinguirirca, they ascended the Ríos Azufre, Portillo and San Andrés. After an approach on the glacier, they first spent six days preparing the route and were three days and nights on the final push to complete the eleven pitches (5.10, A2). [Tragically, Heitmann died five months later while descending from another difficult mountain, Punta Zanzi. He was 24 years old.]

Rodrigo Mujica, Chile and American Mountain Guides Association