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North America, Greenland, Ketil

Ketil, South Greenland. Our expedition to Ketil’s west face above Tasermiut Fjord was organized by two French guides, Michel Pellé and me, in collaboration with “Terres d’Aventure.” The team included Belgians Lut Vivijs and her husband Jan Van Hees and Frenchmen Yves Le Bissonnais and François Martin. Having arrived at Base Camp on July 9, we made what was probably the third ascent of the Barrard route on July 22, thanks to exceptionally good weather. Sixteen pitches were fixed with rope and then after three days’ rest, we climbed the route in two days. The descent was accomplished by rappelling down the face. The weather remained good till the end of July. The exploit of Le Bissonnais should be noted, since he lost one leg at the age of 17 and is now currently leading 5.10.

Erik Decamp, Club Alpin Français