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North America, Greenland, Peaks in the Lindberg Bjerge; Cathedral and Other Peaks in the Lemon Bjerge

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  • Publication Year: 1993

Peaks in the Lindberg Bjerge; Cathedral and Other Peaks in the Lemon Bjerge. Our expedition was composed of Gary Baum, Luke Bartlett, Luke Hughes, Robin Illingworth, William Pelkey, Michael Woolridge and me as leader. We landed at 68°54'N, 32°08'W. Our objectives were to begin a man- hauled sledge journey in the Lindberg mountains some 30 miles inland, continuing through the Lemon Mountains and finishing on the coast, to explore and climb some peaks in each range and to undertake botanical fieldwork. We climbed a dozen virgin summits, to some of which we gave unofficial names. Altitudes were measured by altimeters. We climbed the following: Lara’s Peak (2840 meters; 68°53'N, 31°13'W), a straightforward snow ascent on skis for all but the final 100 meters; Karen and Rosie Peaks (3100 meters, 68°58'N,31°25'W), a dual summited mountain, approached via southeast ridge; Snebordet (68°57'N, 30°64'W) via southwest arête; Tarongaborg (68°67'N, 31 °09'W) straightforward snow ascent from north; Trillingerne North (68°48'N, 31°27'W) via steep snow on east and Trillingerne Central (2040 meters; 68°47'N, 31°47'W) via west ridge; Horseshoe (1790 meters, 68°39'N, 31°54'W) traverse. There seems to be confusion about which mountain really is the Cathedral (2600 meters, 68°35'N, 31°52'W), first ascent via east ridge and subsequent ascent via snow gully on south face. Chris Bonington climbed in the region in 1991 and in AAJ, 1992 pages 150-1 describes what he and his group thought must be the peak. Our party feels that the peak named many years ago by Wager as the Cathedral lies a mile further into the range than the difficult peak attempted by Bonington and that it is clearly the highest in the region. It should be noted that Bonington’s peak marked as 2660-meters-high Domkirkebjerget on the 1:250 000 map is not the highest point in the Lemon Bjerge. We propose the name of “Minster” for P 2660, which is in fact lower than our 2600-meter- high Cathedral, some distance to the northeast; Cymbrogi (68°35'N, 31°40'W) snow ascent of northeast flank mostly on skis; Sara’s Peak (2970 meters, 68°35'N, 31°48'W) via snow gullies on south and a final difficult section on granitic gneiss; Mitre Peak (68°35'N, 31°55'W) via east face; Coxcomb (1970 meters, 68°32'N, 31°53'W) via east-facing snow gully to left edge of northeast face; Chisel Southeast (68°27'N, 31°47'W) via snow gully on south to snow ridge; and Pyramiden (68°28'N, 31°03'W) from Black Cap Pass via north ridge.

Philip Bartlett, Alpine Club

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