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North America, Canada, Yukon Territory, St. Elias, Kennedy, Queen Mary, Peak East of McArthur and Steele Attempts

St. Elias, Kennedy, Queen Mary, Peak East of McArthur and Steele Attempts. Alaskans John Bauman, Dave McGivern and Leo Americus attempted a winter ascent of Mount St. Elias via the Abruzzi route from the Newton Glacier from March 4 to 23. Due to extreme snow accumulation, they were forced to retreat from 3350 meters. Mike Fischesser, Bill Proudman, Diana McAdams, Joe Lackey and Nej Mulla attempted the east ridge of Kennedy from April 28 to May 10 but failed because of bad weather and deep snow. Soft snow prevented Britons John and Lauriann Owens, Gregory Davies, Ian Clarke, Dominic Williams, W.S. Hotten and John Westerman from climbing Queen Mary from the north from July 3 to 16. Canadians Jim Elzinga, James Blench, Don Seri, Phil Whelan, Ron Van Leeuwen, Phil Schmitt and Glen Roane attempted an unnamed peak east of McArthur from June 6 to 17. The expedition was cut short when two members were injured in a fall into a crevasse. From April 7 to 21, Canadians Paul Langevin, Steve Oates, Mike Wynn, Chris Bradley and I attempted to climb Steele via the south and southeast ridges. High winds, cold and deep snow forced us to retreat from 4100 meters.

Andrew Lawrence, Kluane National Park Reserve