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A.A.C., Oregon Section

A.A.C., Oregon Section. After six years of planning and construction, Silcox Hut on Mount Hood’s upper slope is 95% complete. The restoration group, “Friends of Silcox Hut,” include A.A.C. members Dick Pooly, Lew McArthur, Neil Cramer and myself. The majestic mini-lodge was rescued from ruin by “The Friends.” The completed hut will be operated by Timberline Lodge as a bed-and-breakfast for skiers, climbers and hikers. It features 24 bunks, a shower room, commercial kitchen, 400-amp electrical service fed under a glacier, and a one-mile high-pressure waterline from Timberline Lodge. The construction has been an uphill battle.

In the Portland area, climbing access on the local crags has repeatedly been a precarious situation. Much maneuvering has taken place to keep these areas from being lost altogether. Daryl Nakahira, Tim Olsen, Laura Potter, Gary Rail and John Sprecher have been instrumental in negotiating for continued access. Access to some local areas remains in delicate balance.

Bob McGown, Chairman