American Alpine Jounrna and Accidents in North American Climbing

Asia, India–Kashmir and Jammu, Kun and Nun

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  • Publication Year: 1992

Kun and Nun. An Italian expedition reached the summit of Kun (7087 meters, 23,252 feet) on August 16. Base Camp and Camps I, II and III were at 4000, 5500, 6100 and 6350 meters. The summit climbers were Santino Cale- gari, Battista Scanabessi, Mario Meli and Andrea Giovanzana. A French team led by Daniel Pertraud lost a member on Kun, Michela Cisotti, an Italian member of the team. She slipped and fell at about 6800 meters. The others reached the summit via the east ridge on August 17 and 18. An international expedition of police from India (Indo-Tibetan Border Police), Britain and New Zealand climbed Nun (7135 meters, 23,410 feet) by the east ridge. On August 23, New Zealander Steve Bruce, Britons Trevor Barnes, Jonathan Wakefield, Indians Pasang Lhakpa Sherpa, Nima Wangchuk, Khem Raj, Mohan Singh and two other Indians reached the summit. Germans under the leadership of Peter Metzger climbed Nun via the east ridge on September 9, 11 and 19. Nun was climbed on August 14 on the route from the west by three members of a Japanese expedition led by Hisashi Nakaoka: Yasuhiro Hashimoto, Masakatsu Tamura and Hiroaki Nakayama. An Indian team led by Harish Kumar Arya climbed Nun via the north face. Norwegians led by Aass Morten reached 7000 meters on July 19 from the west but were stopped by steep ice. A Spanish expedition led by Juan Orellana which attempted the western route of Nun also failed to get to the summit. A French group led by Michel Cormier was unsuccessful on the west ridge.

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