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Asia, Nepal, Manaslu Attempt

Manaslu Attempt. Our expedition was made up of Frank Nugent, co-leader, Calvin Torrens, Martin Daly, Harry O’Brien, Donie O’Sullivan, Philip Holmes, Dermot Somers, Mike Barry, Robbie Fenlon, Garry Murray, John Murray, William Forde, Leslie Lawrence, Nick Stevenson and me as co-leader. We attempted the normal route, the northeast flank. We got to Base Camp at 3850 meters on March 25. We established Advance Base and Camps I and II at 4200, 5050 and 5600 meters on March 29, April 2 and 14. Heavy snowfalls delayed progress. We made three attempts to get to Camp III on April 22, 25 and 27, the last one reaching 6000 meters. On April 29, we returned to Base Camp and left the mountain on May 1. The weather was continually bad from April 4 until we left. Though the camps were in safe positions, the route was threatened by avalanches.

Dawson Stelfox, Irish Manaslu Expedition