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Asia, Nepal, Ama Dablam, Post-Monsoon Southwest Ridge Ascents

Ama Dablam, Post-Monsoon Southwest Ridge Ascents. Swiss Norbert Joos led an international group of six Swiss, a German and a Briton. They ascended the normal southwest ridge as follows: Swiss Diego Wellig, Hans Jörg Bumann and Martin Fischer on October 12; Briton Adrian Ball and Joos on October 13; German Wolfgang Vollbrecht and Swiss Urs Braschler on October 14 and Swiss Peter Marugg and Joos again on October 17. On October 25, French Michel Pelle, leader, Raymond Bousquet, Renaud Gardelle, Jean François Grand and Swiss Claude Stucki made it to the top. On November 3, French leader Gilles Buisson and Jean-François Males were joined by Roger Lecompte from Michel Richard’s expedition and climbed to the summit. French Michel Richard led 9 French and a Swiss climber. On November 4, French Robert Collard, Swiss Pierre Alain Rickli and Ang Dawa Sherpa reached the summit, followed on November 9 by Mile Véronique Parein, Dominique Gombert, leader Richard, Dawa Sherpa and again Ang Dawa Sherpa.

Elizabeth Hawley