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Asia, Nepal, Everest, South-Col Post-Monsoon Attempts

Everest, South-Col Post-Monsoon Attempts. Aside from the attempts noted separately, there were a number of expeditions on the route via the South Col that did not succeed in reaching the main summit. A primarily French expedition led by Denis Pivot also had two Britons and a Brazilian. Frenchman Jean Michel Asselin did reach the south summit along with Mrs. Sherpa and her companions. An eight-man expedition of Spanish Basques was led by Josu Bereziatua. The leader, Benanxio Irureta and Gurutz Larrañaga reached the south summit on October 3, but could not continue on to the main summit. On October 3, eight Japanese under the leadership of Yasuo Iwazoe also reached the south summit. Australian Michael Groom’s expedition got to 8200 meters on October 6. Groom took a 900-meter fall, luckily without fatal results. German Hans Eitel led three Germans, two Swiss and an Italian, who got to a high point of 7900 meters on October 16.

Elizabeth Hawley