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Australasia, Oceania, Subah, Borneo, Malaysia, Mount Kinabalu

Mount Kinabalu. On July 24, my daughter Helene, Dr. Karl Lengauer and his wife Bertl Lengauer and I climbed through the gorgeous jungle with rare and beautiful flora to the Laban Rata Hut. On July 25, we climbed in three hours to the highest point of Mount Kinabalu (4101 meters, 13,455 feet) on the normal ascent route, which is secured in part by fixed ropes. We were very impressed with the beauty of the mountainous region and by the excellent organization and comfortable facilities in the Kinabalu National Park. This was obviously no new ascent. The first recorded climb was made in 1851 by Sir Hugh Low. However, we were particularly impressed by the north faces of the Kinabalu Massif, which rise precipitously for over 1000 meters. This is an untouched paradise for the extreme rock climber in a setting of incredible natural beauty.

Marcus Schmuck, Österreichischer Alpenverein