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Antartica, South Georgia

South Georgia. We left Cape Town in December, 1990 in the 19-meter yacht Diel, which was specially fitted with a lifting keel and other equipment for polar travel. We were four climbers: Paul Fatti, Doug Jamieson, Hilton Davis and I as leader; three sailors: Berhard Diebold, Nigel Jarman and Tako Pal the; and a movie maker: Fanie van der Merwe. After 31 days of sailing, we reached South Georgia and spent a month climbing. We made the first ascents of Mount Norman (4016 feet) and an adjacent peak, Mount Senderens (4315 feet). The expedition was to commemorate the centenary in 1991 of the Mountain Club of South Africa. We also made the first South African ascent of Admiralty Peak (3100 feet) and several other minor peaks. Jamieson and I explored the Kohl-Larsen Plateau on skis, reaching this from a camp on the edge of the Konig Glacier. We made a determined attempt on Mount Paget by a new route on the east face but were driven back by high winds, bad snow conditions and unpredictable weather. The return voyage back to Cape Town was completed in 16 days. The total distance sailed—Cape Town-South Georgia-Cape Town— was 15,000 kilometers.

John R. Moss, Mountain Club of South Africa