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South America, Argentine and Chilean Patagonia, Peineta, 1990

Peineta, 1990. On page 201 of AAJ, 1991, a report appears of the ascent of a peak in the Paine group, the location of which was not known to us. The mountain lies a kilometer to the northeast of the Torre Norte del Paine and is connected to it by a ridge. The peak is given on the map on page 250 in Gino Buscaini’s and Silvia Metzeltin’s Patagonia as Nido Negro de Cóndores. The French called it Paineta, which probably should have been Peineta, which means “comb” in Spanish. Argentine authority, Marcelo Scanu, confirms the name as being Peineta. The confusion with this name will certainly be even greater since there already is a Peineta on the eastern edge of the Southern Patagonian Icecap some 15 kilometers north of Cerro Mayo and 7 kilometers south of Cerro Heim.