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South America, Argentina–Northern Andes, Nevado de Pissis and Other Ascents, 1990

Nevado de Pissis and Other Ascents, 1990. Italians led by Luciano Gadenz was active in early 1990 in the high, barren area south of the Ojos del Salado. The other members were Giacomo and Renzo Corona, Giampaolo Depaoli, Silvio and Tullio Simoni and Giuliano Zugliani. On January 11, 1990, they drove from Chilecito, in the province of La Rioja, to Laguna Brava. On January 17, they finally camped within the caldera or depression that lies south and east of the Pissis-Veladero system. They then placed several high camps and on the 21st climbed the south side of Nevado de Pissis (6780 meters, 22,244 feet on older maps and 6882 meters, 22,579 feet according to a new Argentine survey.) It seems to be a new route. Getting to the summit were Gadenz, R. Corona, S. Simoni and Zugliani. That same day, Depaoli soloed a P5600 (18,373 feet), near their Camp I, a first ascent. On the 23rd, G. Caroni and T. Simoni ascended Cerro Veladero (6430 meters, 21,096 feet).

Marcelo Scanu, Grupo Andino Huamán, Buenos Aires, Argentina