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South America, Bolivia, P c.5030, Near Torrini, Quimsa Cruz, 1990

P C.5030, Near Torrini, Quimsa Cruz, 1990. From Viloco, Jim Petroske and I followed the road to Araca for 10 kilometers and switched to a mule path where the road begins to descend to Araca. We continued along the mule path up a side valley to an abandoned mine and then on a faint path to Lago Warns Kolas. On July 28,1990, we ascended the valley to the northeast for two kilometers to a col, and after dropping down the other side, climbed the northeast face for five pitches to the top of a boxlike tower (c.5030 meters, 16,503 feet). This monolith is the second summit from Cerro Torrini along the ridge running northwest of Torrini.

Billy Petroske