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North America, Greenland, Mont Forel, East Greenland, 1990

Mont Forel, East Greenland, 1990. A Norwegian expedition was led by Allan Sande and the other members were Otto A. BĂ„rholm, Erik Brendehaug, Steiner Bekkevolt, Anders Naess, Johan H. Lundo and Thorstein Lunde. They made the first Norwegian ascent of Mont Forel by the classic Swiss route. To get from Tasilik Fjord over the Glacier de France to the top took them ten days. They tried to make the ascent on skis, which no one has yet done. Hard ice and steepness forced them to give this up. On July 30, all seven reached the summit as the tenth expedition ever to do so. On the way back to Tasermiut Fjord, they tried to climb Lauper Bjerg but were defeated by bad weather. They did, however, climb Conniat Bjerg. The expedition lasted from July 15 to August 10.

Dolfi Rotovnik, Danish Mountain Club