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North America, Canada, Yukon Territory, Mount Logan, Queen Mary, McArthur and Hubbard, Icefield Ranges, Kluane National Park Reserve

Mounts Logan, Queen Mary, McArthur and Hubbard, Icefield Ranges, Kluane National Park Reserve. During the 1991 climbing season, there were 16 groups that climbed or skied in the park. A total of 83 people spent 1497 person-days in the mountains. A large number of these climbed or attempted Mount Logan via the King Trench route. They were Canadians Al Dennis, Jack Bennetto, Tony Moore, Linda Zurkirchen, Garry Nixon and Rob Whelan; Swiss Rudolf Homberger, Hansvelt Brunner, Doug and Renoud Rossillon; Germans Walter Goetz, Reto Ruesch, Thomas Speck, Uwe Nootbaar, Matthias Berndt and Hermann Konrad; Canadians Martyn Williams, François Tremblay, Jacques Grenier, John Bond, Patrick McCool, Clifford and Ruth Holtz, Pat and Baiba Morrow; British Dean James, Tom Stimson, Rick Wentz and Alex McNab. Americans led by Mike Marolt and Canadians led by Don McLeod were unsuccessful on the same route. Canadians Hugh and Dan Culver, Brian Finnie and Alan Fletcher and French Ken Delbos-Corfeld, Michel Alexandre, Pierre Bay, Fernando Pintado, Daniel Vargas, Daniel Dupuis, Jean-Louis Bonnentien and Xavier Taupin climbed Logan by the east ridge. Canadians Chic Scott, Don Vockeroth, Don Forest, Brad Robinson, Terry Duncan, Neil Jolly, William Louie, Tom Swaddle, Bill Hawryschuk and Robert Beilis reached Logan’s west summit. Canadians Jeff Marshall, Dave Chase, Jeffrey Everett and Glen Reisenhofer climbed the Schoening ridge to King Col but were weathered off King Peak. Canadians Andrew Lawrence, Rosemary Buck, Debbie Maclean and Wade Angevin skied around Mounts King George and Queen Mary and climbed the latter. Canadians Michael Down, Jim Haberl and Don Serl climbed Mount McArthur by the west ridge. Canadians Al Bjorn, Ron Breneman, Bruce Sundbo and Rick Mossman were unable to climb Hubbard because of bad weather.

Lloyd Freese, Kluane National Park Reserve