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North America, United States, Alaska, Whale's Back, Avalanche Peak and Citadel, Kichatna Spires

Whale’s Back, Avalanche Peak and Citadel, Kichatna Spires. My husband Gino Buscaini, Helma Schimke and I were flown to the Shadows Glacier by Doug Geetings. We all climbed Whale’s Back by the north ridge on May 22, Avalanche Peak by the east face and north ridge on May 24 and Citadel via the first gendarme on the north ridge, climbing from the north left of the icefall and descending to the Shelf Glacier and the couloir in the south face of Avalanche Peak and back to the Shadows Glacier on June 2.

Silvia Metzeltin Buscaini, Club Alpino Italiano