Memphis Mountaineers, 1990

Author: Memphis Mountaineers. Climb Year: 2013. Publication Year: 1991.

1990 was another active year for our club. Membership grew significantly, increasing 15% over 1989 to 71. The majority lives in Memphis, although 20 members live in 13 states ranging from California and Washington to Florida and New Jersey. Despite the lack of immediate climbing resources (the nearest rock is 150 miles away, the nearest mountain 1,000 miles), members climbed in various parts of the United States as well as abroad. The club’s 12th year began with an expedition in progress on Aconcagua, with four of the eight team members making the summit. Later in the year members participated in expeditions to Nevado Condoriri (18,531 feet) and Illusion (17,487 feet) in the Cordillera Real of Boliva and to Shishapangma in Tibet. Aside from ice climbing in Alaska and Colorado, most of the club’s U.S. activities consisted of rock climbing trips to the local crags of the Mid-South, with longer trips to the Enchanted Rocks (Texas) and Yosemite Park.

The major administrative activities of the club included instruction in basic rock climbing (three spring classes) and working with the American Alpine Club’s Access Committee to petition the state of Mississippi to re-open Tishamingo State Park to climbing. Additionally, the club offered its assistance to a group of Missouri climbers fighting to preserve access in their state. The club also arranged training in basic first aid for 10 members through the American Red Cross.

The Memphis Mountaineers meet the second Monday of every month at seven P.M. in the Highland Branch of the Memphis Public Library. Members are notified of club activities through the monthly newsletter, the Memphis Mountain News.

Club officers for 1990 were Barbara Knowles, President; David Bowles, Vice- President; Lisa Virkler, Treasurer; and Brad Mills, Secretary. Anyone interested in climbing in the Mid-South is encouraged to join our club. For more information, write: Memphis Mountaineers Inc., Box 11124, Memphis, TN 38111.

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