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Asia, Western China, K2

K2 from the North. A report on this American-Australian ascent of the north face of K2 appears as a full article earlier in this volume.

K2. A 12-man Japanese expedition led by Tomaji Ueki climbed the northwest face of K2. They established Base Camp at 5000 meters on June 7. They climbed the face below the Savoia Saddle and continued up the route pioneered from Pakistan in 1982 by the Poles, who did not reach the summit. This led diagonally up to the left. Camp IV was placed at 7650 meters. They then crossed into the north face and followed the 1982 Japanese route up the snowfield to the summit. On August 9, Hirotaka Imamura and Hideki Nazuka left Camp V at 7950 meters and climbed to the summit. More details and route photographs appear in lwa To Yuki, N° 143.