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Asia, Tibet, Shisha Pangma Central Summit

Shisha Pangma Central Summit. A French group of hutmasters from Briançon, led by Pierre Lombard, managed to climb to the central summit (8008 meters, 26,274 feet) of Shisha Pangma in two groups: first, on September 30, by Jacques LeHir, André Benoît-Lizon and Georges Lombard (the leader’s brother) together with the Spanish Television group (see below); and on October 1 by leader Lombard and his wife Bernadette Lions. On arriving at 7700 meters, where the Chinese route deviates to the left to traverse the northeast face, they decided against making the traverse which looked avalanche-prone. They made no attempt to reach the main summit on account of dangerous overhanging cornices.

Xavier Eguskitza, Pyrenaica, Bilbao, Spain