Asia, Tibet, Cho Oyu   

Publication Year: 1991.

Cho Oyu. A commercial expedition led by Günther Härter climbed Cho Oyu by the normal west-ridge, west-face route from the north. On May 19, Germans Härter, Reinhard Müller, Dieter Albin Porsche, Walter Treibel and Austrian Gottfried Lindebner reached the summit. They were followed on May 27 by Germans Sigi and Gaby Hupfauer, Gerhard Binder, Peter Blank, Werner Funkier, Berthold Hochstuhl, Fräulein Gerhild Kurze, Harald Rössner, Uwe Schnitz, Franz Stark, Klaus Westphal, Udo Zehetleitner, Karl Zoll, Austrian Josef Tschoten and Ang Nawang Sherpa. The Hupfauers thus became the third married couple and the second surviving couple to have climbed three 8000ers together.

Elizabeth Hawley