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Asia, Pakistan, Gasherbrum II Attempt by Andorrans

Gasherbrum II Attempt by Andorrans. The first Andorran expedition to the mountains of Asia had five Andorrans: Gerard Olm, leader, Gerard Montestruc, Nadia Alex, Jaume Espunyes and Oriol Riba; and five Spaniards resident in Andorra: Dr. Xabier Roviró, Marcel Urigüen, Juan-Manuel Gómez, Alfredo Martinez and Francisco Martínez. They arrived at Base Camp on June 17. Camp III was pitched on July 8 at 7500 meters by Montestruc and Urigüen but they were forced back the next morning by bad weather. On July 16, Camp III was regained by Olm and Roviró while Urigüen and Gómez occupied Camp II, but again bad weather prevented a final attempt.

Xavier Eguskitza, Pyrencaica, Bilbao, Spain