Asia, India—Garhwal, Kamet Attempt and Abi Gamin, 1989

Publication Year: 1991.

Kamet Attempt and Abi Gamin, 1989. Ours was the first joint Indian-Netherlands expedition. We were Indians N.D. Sherpa, overall leader, Wangchuk Sherpa, Shiromanu Singh, Ramesh Chand Kapoor, Purmal Singh Dharmashaktu and Netherlanders Frans Taselaar, Reinier Zuidhoff, Hans Achterbosch and I as Dutch leader. Because of trouble with document formalities, we got to Base Camp at 4850 meters late, on October 12, 1989. We placed 300 meters of rope on a rock pitch between 5700 and 6000 meters. On October 28, all the Indians, Achterbosch and Zuidhoff failed in their attempt to reach the summit of Kamet. On October 31, 1989, Zuidhoff and I followed the very corniced southeast ridge from Meade’s Col and reached the summit of Abi Gamin (7355 meters, 24,130 feet). The Indians had two high-altitude porters. We carried all our loads oursleves.

Rene Kwant, Koninklijke Nederlandse Alpen Vereniging