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Asia, Nepal, Dhaulagiri Ascent and Tragedy

Dhaulagiri Ascent and Tragedy. Our expedition was composed of Germans Michael Dacher, Eduard Bimbacher, Dr. Karl Hub, Wolfgang Kunzendorf, Hans Steinbach and I, Swiss Norbert Joos, Austrians Dr. Robert Miller and Andrea Schell, Netherlander Henk Nooy and Italian Kurt Walde. On April 4, from Nagdara we began our trek to our 4750-meter Base Camp, which we reached on April 13. We established Camps I and II at 5850 and 6700 meters on April 17 and 21. On the 29th, Sirdar Ongel Sherpa died in an avalanche near Camp II. On May 9, I reached Camp III on the northeast ridge at 7450 meters along with Belgian Ingrid Baeyens of the Polish International Expedition to the east face. We both rested on May 10 at Camp III. (I had come in deep snow the day before directly from Camp I.) On May 11, we set out at five A.M. I got to the top at eleven o’clock and Baeyens at two o’clock. We descended the next day to Base Camp.

Ralf Dujmovits, Deutscher Alpenverein