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South Georgia, Summary of More Important Ascents

SouthGeorgia, Summary of More Important Ascents. In Freeman-Attwood’s excellent full report, a selected history of expeditions is given. Most will recall Captain Cook’s landing in 1775 and Shackleton’s crossing in 1916. The first mountaineering was done in 1954-55 by the British expedition led by George Sutton, which climbed Mount Brooker (1881 meters, 6171 feet). In 1964-65 a British Joint Services expedition climbed Mount Paget (2934 meters, 9625 feet) and Mount Sugartop. In 1980 French made the second ascent of Mount Paget, climbing it from the north. In 1981-82, another British Joint Services expedition made the second ascent of Mount Brooker. In 1988 Christian de Marliave made a solo first ascent of Mount Nordensköld (2355 meters, 7725 feet). The 1989-90 expedition mentioned above made the first ascents of Vogel Peak (1352 meters, 4436 feet), Mount Kling (1857 meters, 6059 feet) and Mount Carse (2332 meters, 7649 feet). A few other expeditions have made minor ascents.