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South America, Argentine and Chilean Patagonia, Agujas Poincenot and Guillaumet, 1989-90

Agujas Poincenot and Guillaumet, 1989-90. Much bad weather curtailed climbing during that season. Aguja Poincenot was climbed on January 4 via the Whillans route by Spaniards Rolando Luis Fernández, Ramón Portilla, Antonio Trabado and Czech Miroslav Smid despite a coating of verglas. On January 8, New Zealanders and a Swiss and an Italian repeated the climb. Guillaumet was climbed by the normal route on December 26, 1989 by Angel Vedo and Andrés Fernández and on January 7 by Juan José Hervás and Alberto del Castillo. See Desnivel of March 1990, page 21.