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South America, Argentina—Central Andes, Cerro Pabellón, 1989 

Cerro Pabellón, 1989. In January, 1989, Ortando Bravo, J. Madozzo, Maria Eugenia del Moral, S. Muntaner, Jorge and Cristián Schweimer, Daniel Villagra and I were active south of the Ojos del Salado. We launched a laborious attempt on a high mountain called by various names: Nevado del Cazadero, Cerro Walther Penck or Cerro Tunipa (6660 meters, 21,850 feet). Deep snow at 6500 meters defeated us. Meanwhile, the brothers Schweimer reached the northern summit of Cerro Gendarme Argentino (c. 5900 meters, 19,357 feet), but could not proceed to the main one, 150 meters higher. Villagra had previously climbed to the same point. Villagra also made solo the first ascent of Cerro Pabellôn (c. 5900 meters, 19,357 feet), east of the lake, Laguna Negra. The name pabellôn, meaning mountain or dome, is very common in the northern Andes and several peaks in the district bear that name.

Claudio Bravo, Club Andino Tucumán