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South America, Argentina—Central Andes, Aconcagua, 1989-1990 Season

Aconcagua, 1989-1990 Season. A total of 353 expeditions registered last season to climb Aconcagua: 81 from Argentina; 77, United States; 39, Germany; 30, Spain; 24, Japan; 23, France; and 11, Switzerland. With less than 10 were Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Italy and Mexico. Of the 1244 persons participating, 121 were women. The normal route on the north side attracted 255 expeditions, the Polish route, 69 and the south face, 16. Three perished: German Dieter Heuser, Peruvian Aníbal Araujo and Japanese Akiro Yowara. This brings the death total to 57. On the brighter side, Argentine Daniel Alessio broke American Marty Smith’s record for the fastest ascent from Base Camp at the Plaza de Mulas to the summit via the normal route and did it in six hours and seven minutes.

Luis Alberto Parra, Club Andinista Mendoza