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South America, Argentina—Central Andes, Aconcagua, Southeast Ridge

Aconcagua, Southeast Ridge. Mauricio Fernández and Carlos Dominguez of Mendoza reached the base of the south face of Aconcagua and camped at the Plaza Francia. After acclimatizing, they climbed to a gap at 5000 meters and descended east from the lower Horcones valley into the Los Relinchos valley. With two camps, they gained access to the southeast ridge, mostly on ice an penitentes. They worked their way up the ridge over fields of penitentes, ice gullies and rock gendarmes. Occasionally they had to deviate onto the east glacier. Camp V was at 6300 meters. The next 200 meters were the most difficult (UIAA IV, V and VI). After camping again at 6550 meters, they reached the summit on January 21 and descended the normal route.

Luis Alberto Parra, Club Andinista Mendoza