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North America, Greenland, Staunings Alper

Staunings Alper. Members of the Islandic Alpine Club chartered a plane and flew on July 21 from Iceland to Mestervig. The plane then dropped their gear on the Bersaekerbrae Glacier. Four days later they established Base Camp at 700 meters. They unsuccessfully attempted Glamis but found very loose rock. They climbed Tintaget, Kensington, Bersaekerspire, Dunnottar and Black Wall. It was a very rainy summer, which explains why they did not climb more peaks. They returned to Iceland on August 30. The climbers were Ingimundur Stefánsson, Sigursteinn Baldursson, Haraldur Porri Grétarsson, Gudmundur Eyjólfsson and Stefán Smárason.

Dolfi Rotovnik, Danish Mountain Club