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North America, Canada, Yukon Territory, Mount Logan

Mount Logan. There were a number of ascents of Mount Logan in 1990, most of them by the King Trench route. Successful groups follow: Alaskans Steven Parker, Chris Austin, Rachel LaCrosse, Dave Brailey and Scott Raynor from May 5 to June 1; Alaskans Greg Beck, Bill Joiner, Bob Groseclose, Stan Justice and Robert Ferguson from May 14 to June 14; Japanese Yuji Yoshikawa, Satoshi Tobaicuma, Kenji Ito, Takeshi Haruse, Toru Takekawa and Kuninori Negeshi from June 7 to July 17; Spaniards Cristobal Real Gil, Francisco Hurtado, Miguel Peral, Manuel Valvey, Javier Serrano and Juan GutiƩrrez from June 28 to August 1; Canadians Martyn Williams, Jill Pangmann, Hersch Cox and Carlo Ianni from May 15 to June 15; Canadians James Blench, Hugh Spender, Dr. Friedlander and David Stark from May 27 to June 14; and Italians Giorgio Daidola, Filipo Lacoacci, Silvana Fezzia, Paola Oliaro, Leo Puiatti, Sergio Galuagni, Marina Caracristi, Maura Mazzola and Lorenzo Toller. From April 3 to May 2, American Jon Waterman led Simon Wells, Joseph Runyan, Allen Jewhurst, John Dyer and Rick Atkinson to climb Prospectors Peak on Mount Logan. They mushed with dogs up the Chitina, Logan and Ogilvie Glaciers to 4100 meters on the King Trench route and then climbed Prospectors Peak. Some groups were not successful. Canadians Brian Jones, Gary Steinhorsen, Gerry Kahrmann, Peter Alfred, Chris Guenther, Dennis Ray, June Ray and Keith Gorham made it as far as the upper plateau on Mount Logan from May 5 to 27. Canadian armed forces personnel failed from June 3 to 22 to climb the east ridge because of bad weather. They were Fred Richie, Gordon Brown, Joseph Macauley, Tony Isaacs, Robert Brown, Michael Maltais, James McCluskey, Kevin Zawislake, Paul Aitcheson and Donald Peters.

Lloyd Freese, Kluane National Park Reserve