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North America, United States, Alaska, Mount McKinley, Direct West Buttress Routes

Mount McKinley, Direct West Buttress routes. In the photograph of the West Buttress, routes shown were first climbed by the following: 1) Duane Muetzel, Ken Graff, Neal Beidelman and Granger Banks in early May, 1980; 2) Bruce Hickok and Sabine Glinski on May 27, 1982; 3) Michael Covington, Bill Holton and Stan Olsen on June 24, 1982; 4) Doug Van Etten and Martin Schmidt on May 19, 1984; 5) Ross Clouthier, Mike Kurth and Mario Bilodeau on May 29, 1990; and 6) Timo Saukko and Peter Mattson on May 29, 1990.