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Idaho Alpine Club

Idaho Alpine Club. The year began with the best ice climbing in the Tetons and Snake River Gorge since 1986, inspiring several beginners to take the club’s ice-climbing class. In February we held our first avalanche school, which we hope to make an annual event. Several dozen members attended the spring rock-and-snow schools to learn or to brush up on techniques for snow-and- glacier travel as well as rock-and-ice climbing. Soon after, the club became involved in the bolting controversy at City of Rocks National Reserve. We would like to thank John Steiger and Armando Menocal of the A.A.C. Access Committee for helping to organize meetings between climbers and the National Park Service in which a diplomatic resolution was made.

Local climbers had an active year in foreign expeditions. Honorary member Kellie Rhoads and her husband Jeff were members of the successful American Mount Everest Expedition. Dirk Burgard and two others attempted Mount McKinley, retreating in high winds near 18,000 feet. Steve and Katie Reiser joined the Iowa Mountaineers in Peru, where Steve summitted Huascarán Sur. Ron Mizia and Bob Hammer were in Tanzania to climb Kilimanjaro.

In the fall the club assisted in providing judges for the annual Pocatello Pump climbing competition and started two projects: building an indoor climbing wall and writing a guidebook to over 20 bouldering areas in southeast Idaho.

We invite visiting climbers to help us celebrate the I.A.C.’s 30th anniversary in 1990. Drop us a letter to P.O. Box 2885, Idaho Falls, ID 83403.

Steven Reiser