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A.A.C., Rocky Mountain Section

A.A.C., Rocky Mountain Section. The activity of the Rocky Mountain Section continued to increase in 1989. Quarterly meetings were held in Denver, featuring slide shows by various Section members about their international climbing expeditions. In May, the annual Section Banquet was reinstituted with great success. Almost 100 Section members attended and were treated to slide shows by Bob Horan and George Lowe. Numerous local climbing shops donated prizes for a raffle to raise funds to support Section activities.

In August, a weekend outing was held in Rocky Mountain National Park in conjunction with the National Park Service. Section members spent Saturday morning picking up litter around the popular bivouac sites below the Diamond on Longs Peak. Just as members were returning from their chores to enjoy some cold beers brought in by Park Service llamas, they were asked by the Park Service to help evacuate a hiker injured at 13,000 feet on the north face of Longs. They assisted park rangers in stablizing the victim and carrying a litter down through rugged terrain and hard rain to a helicopter pick-up. Nobody picks up the litter like the Rocky Mountain Section.

The Section was also involved in numerous access issues in 1989. Working in conjunction with the Access Committee and Access Fund, issues were addressed which had to do with limestone climbing at Shelf Rock, ice climbing in Boulder Canyon, mountaineering activities in the Boulder Watershed and several other areas. Work on these and other access issues continues to be a top priority of the Section.

Michael Browning, Chairman