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Asia, USSR, Pamir Camps, 1988

Pamir Camps, 1988. The Soviet international Pamir camps continue to be popular, providing challenging high-altitude climbing at relatively moderate cost. During the 1988 season, 412 foreign mountaineers from 17 countries in Europe, Asia and America, including Messner, came together in the camps. Pik Lenina (7134 meters, 23,406 feet) was climbed by 119 foreigners, Pik Korzhenevskoy (7105 meters, 23,310 feet) by 65 and the highest in the Soviet Union, Pik Lenina (7483, 24,550 feet), by 55. Some teams used difficult routes; ski and paraglider descents were completed. Unfortunately there was quite a bit of illness, mostly high-altitude sickness. The local rescue teams intervened in 45 cases. There were also deaths. For instance, Czechoslovak Dr. Peter Camek was killed on the descent from Pik Chetiriokh. Pik Lenina, climbed by thousands, remains the world’s most popular 7000er. Pik Kommunizma has been climbed by some 2000 mountaineers on more than 20 routes. A new high-standard route with a 8500-foot rise was made in August 1988 via its south face by a Soviet team led by V. Bashkarov.

JÓzef Nyka, Editor, Taternik, Poland