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Asia, Western China, Schoolboys in the Chinese Pamir

Schoolboys in the Chinese Pamir. Our expedition from Aldenham School approached the Karakol Lakes in China via the Karakoram Highway from Rawalpindi in Pakistan. Although the hiring agreement was for 12 days, the camels deserted us at Atkash, about 24 kilometers east of Karakol. Our plans obviously had to change and we could not cross the Qaratash Pass. We ferried food and equipment for three days to an Advance Base at 4200 meter in the Torbelung valley. We undertook many mini-expeditions while in the area. We ascended two minor peaks, which lie south of the Qaratash Pass. We made a high camp above an extensive moraine on the tongue of a hanging glacier at 4750 meters. On August 7, P 5450 was climbed by Nick Parks, Dr. David Arathoon, Jon Rouach, Crispin Graham, David Kilbom, James Howel, John Turner, Owen Williams, Matthew Cobham, Mark Woodroffe, Donna Parks and Stephen Edwards. On August 9, Pamela MacGregor, Nick Parks, Dr. Arathoon and Cobham climbed P 5360.

David MacGregor, Aldenham School, Elstree, England